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Soulful Relationships author

Nektar is about CONNECTION to the heart of what matters most.

Offering Family Photo Sessions, Corporate Mindfulness training, and Aura-Soma® Color consultation, I aim to help you Find Your Nektar.

I am PASSIONATE about COLOR, and the vibrancy of life.

Whether it be photography, Color Breathing Meditation and Mindfulness training, or an individual Aura-Soma® Color session, I can offer you a better sense of wellbeing, memories to last a lifetime, and a stronger sense of connection to your potential.

My photography style is photojournalistic, capturing REAL moments for your family archives or corporate projects. Previous clients describe my images as soulful. These soulful images have recently been shown on the billboards in Times Square in New York City! I love sharing this passion with my clients!

Nektar clients include; families, small heart based businesses, larger corporate organisations, not-for profit organisations, and individuals interested in seeking that extra something special. I provide a very no nonsense approach and relaxed environment to work in. This creates a great sense of enjoyment and incredible value.

Nektar is thrilled to be the original provider of Mindfulness and Meditation sessions in Dubai using our unique color menu.

The sessions have been created using the energy and science of color to help promote a better sense of wellbeing. We all have the ability to tap into our hidden potential through regular quieting of the mind. The benefits of this amazing service include; increased productivity, better inter-office relationships, reduced sick time, increased general wellbeing, creativity, and ability to focus at work and at home.

Meditation and mindfulness training is not “weird” or beyond the mainstream. In fact, it is strange not to harness this incredible gift we all have been given to rise to our greatest calling. We all have the potential to reconnect with our sense of peace, purpose, and passion.

Your Nektar, Your Life in Color!