10 Reasons You Should Visit Ethiopia Now

It’s taken me a while to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard rather!) since returning from an amazing experience with 6 incredible women in Ethiopia! As soon as I got back, I downloaded the smorgasbord of memories from my trusty Canon onto the computer and started editing.  There were some 1700 odd photo’s,… Read more »

The Power of Nothing

“What are you doing?” “Nothing…..” “What do you mean?? Nothing??” It’s probably one of the most popular questions asked by man. It’s the trigger point for any parent, that inevitably leads to the discovery of cold creams smeared in places they shouldn’t be, sibling and Barbie haircuts gone wrong, dogs dressed in tutu’s.  I think… Read more »

Upcycle Me

It’s been a while, and I must admit I’ve had second thoughts about what to do about my blog.  I started it in NZ, and the whole theme behind the blog was all about returning to simplicity, and creating a space where I could build memories for my girls. The blog evolved from baking bread,… Read more »