I am struggling…….. Here I am, sitting in the place I call my “soul home”, and that I’ve always found so much comfort in, and I…..AM…….struggling….. Since the day we arrived, it has been the land of fast forward, nothing like the inner peace I have found over the past few years, and I am… Read more »

Rolling in the Deep

This could be the longest goodbye in history. We’ve been riding the wave from week to week of uncertainty, coupled with victories, challenges, and a constant stream of change. There’s that analogy of the Mother of all waves, the Big Kahuna that comes along when you least expect it, and you have two choices……..you fight… Read more »

The Art of Ritual

rit-u-al    A detailed method of procedure faithfully or regularly followed. The word ritual revolves around a very simple concept in my mind.  Do something, repetitively, with devotion on a regular basis. It could be anything from an act performed in a religious ceremony, to something as simple as brewing coffee on a Sunday morning, followed… Read more »