Welcome to the new version of Nektar!

This is the unveiling of a beautiful dream that started over 3 years ago. My dream was to create a brand that I was proud of, offering services that reflected my life experience and passions in life, and offered something of value that could be of service to others.
Nektar is my vision of the beautiful things in life…of simplicity and of the humble beauty that surrounds us in details that often go unnoticed every day. I have sat through hours of doubt and fear along this journey. I have questioned whether or not people would value what I have to say and offer, and I have been delighted time and time again at the great response to the content I’ve published.

Please take a few moments to look around the new site, I’m sure you’ll love the juicy vibe and rich content that can help you reconnect to the beauty and sweetness both within yourself and in life. Life has it’s trials and tribulations, that is for sure, but it’s also good to know that we have the tools to forge forward in life. Aura Soma and the Soulmap program (a Nektar creation!) will help you do just that with a wide variety of options to book online via Skype, or in person in my soulful Dubai location.
soul map divining your soul purpose life coaching by nektar logo
Aura soma logo
There are also options of quick check-ins and one on one coaching to help clarify what energy needs shifting to get you moving forward (we all reach those stages of feeling “stuck” or “stagnant” and I have exactly what you need to kick things back into gear!).
If you are “Hungry” for inspiration, my book may just be the soul food you need. If it’s capturing your family’s organic moments that interests you, a Nektar Photography experience is a must!

Thank you to all of you who have supported my journey from the first blog. Sign up for my newsletter and receive a free ebook of GRATITUDE that I have created called “Breath Of Love-44 Days of Gratitude”. I hope it lights your fire!

How Can I Make Your Life Sweeter? Contact me for a bit of the sweet life today!

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