Sometimes it’s good to have a little shakeup.

To do things a little differently, and write from a different perspective.  I was recently invited to join a fabulous group of bloggers and webpreneurs in the Sprout Mastermind Group which brings together a bunch of amazing women in a group where we can bounce ideas off each other, give feedback on business ideas, and see the back end of how other people run their business. Win/win I say!

Our first assignment (in getting to know the 30 some odd women that are in our group, and there are some amazing women in there let me tell you!) is to write a post of the 20 things you didn’t know about me (as I am a descriptive writer when it comes to these things, I thought I’d take it down to 10!).

There is a good mix on this blog of people who are near and dear to me, and those of you who share your good vibes with us here in cyberspace, of whom I have not had the privilege of meeting in the flesh.  Hopefully I will make you laugh, and you’ll maybe learn a thing or two, have a giggle, and maybe even try writing this list yourself or how about sharing “5” things I didn’t know about you down in the comments below??

At first I thought this idea didn’t vibe with my brand, and then I realized I needed this post as I a lot of my recent postings have been quite serious, and truth be told, I actually really like to have fun!!!  So in the spirit of fun, I’m going to throw some random confessions in between.

Time to refresh, recharge, and relax.

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Me

1)  I grew up in a house full of kids AND senior citizens.  We had Norman, John (he liked to nude up from time to time….nuff’ said!), Walter, Henry (he wanted to take me to California in my green Lada), and Victor to name a few.  These people were living in our home and under the care of my mother.  I could write a book solely about our life with 6 kids and these people.  But instead I’ll leave you with Victor’s favorite chant…

Picture a man in a flaming red track suit, with a very strong British accent, and  a serious case of Parkinson’s Disease (bless his heart).  Oh, and he carried a big stick when he went walking, and my Dad used to have to go and find him when he didn’t return for ages. He would usually find him in a ditch somewhere with the stick and legs flailing. True Story.  That man was not going to let Parkinson’s beat him, so the ditch it was!

“How do you like your carrots? Raw, Raw, Raw…..How do you like your cabbage? Slaw, Slaw, Slaw? How do you like the other team? They’re fooooooor the biiiiiirds!!!!” (sung in a high pitched tune).

Great start to life I say.

Random Confession: I used to really get annoyed that we had all these elderly people in our house.  One day I came home from school with a friend to find one of them naked sitting in a chair in the front hall.  Kids used to ask me if the guy in the flaming red track suit flailing around my yard was my Dad when I got off the school bus. 

Total embarrassment….

2) I moved to Saudi Arabia to work in a hospital when I was 23 years old.  While I was there I also worked with Saudi Princesses teaching them fitness classes.   I also worked with royalty yet again in Bahrain doing the same job working in a private gym.  No joke, and yet again, another book for the collection!!  So many stories…

Random Confession: At one of the Bahraini weddings I  sat with another personal trainer.  There was bling everywhere.  We decided to case the joint for the chance of finding even ONE random earring.  That could’ve set us up for life…!

Mission was unsuccessful by the way!

IMG_0483 IMG_9705

3) I have this strange annoyance with certain things related to my feet.  The other day I went ballistic when my daughter rammed her scooter into the back of ankles and I ended up throwing the scooter halfway across the room.  Seriously, I am as cool as a cucumber, as long as you don’t step on my feet, get my feet wet, or ram me up the back of my ankles.  Ask my husband, he knows all about it!!

Random Confession: I have never been known to be skinny, always been a voluptuous, athletic, or curvy girl.  My ankles are the skinniest part of my body and I really like them. Not because they are slim, but just because…

IMG_3423 IMG_2875 IMG_2986 IMG_8231

4) A few years ago, someone challenged me to something I never thought I would ever do.   In June 2008, I stepped in the boxing ring in front of 800 people and fought in a White Collar Boxing Match.  I was Steph, “The Hammer” Hamilton.  I fought “The Bomber” (no joke)…I trained HARD.  I have always had a fear of getting hit.  I got hit.  But…I walked through that crowd (imagine people dressed in their finest…tuxes, Louboutins, bright lights, dry ice pumped through the air, cameras everywhere, chicks in hot pants in the ring, bottles of champagne, wine, and Jack Daniels spilling out from every corner), got in that ring, faced my fears, and fought HARD.  One of the best experiences of my life.  OH, and boy was I fit!!!

Random Confession: If there is a box of chocolates, I will always sneak and go to the bottom row.  I will grab as many as I can and then cover up the box as if I’ve only taken one.  Not that this has anything to do with boxing, except for the fact that I gave up sugar while I was training. Oh, and because I feel like some now…
Steph ready to fight

Steph and mieke in ring 2 Fight night White Collar 2

5) I was born in Canada but my “soul” home is in the desert.  In the Middle East, I have lived in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Dubai to date.  I currently call Dubai home  and always feel a real sense of peace when I’m here (contrary to what the media would have you believe about the Middle East being a dangerous place).  I love the mystery, vastness and beauty of the desert.  I got engaged in the middle of a huge sand dune in the middle of nowhere (2 weeks after meeting my husband), and we’ve been together many lifetimes in this area of the world in the past.  So in a sense, Canada is where I was born, but my soul feels most at ease when I’m in the Middle East.  This is HOME.

Random Confession: I didn’t actually like my husband when I first met him. Thought he was a womanizer.  Totally uninterested (although secretly I did think he was hot), and laughed when my Irish friend said “Oh, haven’t ye met James Hamilton?? He’s the bachelor of the moment!!!” Seriously?? Who talks like that!? Only the Irish can get away with something like that….makes me laugh to this day, and it’s funny how the Universe conspires to bring soul mates together!

IMG_9505 IMG_9539 IMG_9580 IMG_3615 IMG_3636 IMG_3639

6) I used to work in a Medical lab in the hospital, but now consider myself  an “alchemist” and channel for healing.  I have now gone down the alternative route and work with color (Aura Soma Color Practitioner), crystal, and plant energies.   I am now exploring the power of sound waves to heal in combination with color and light, mainly using tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, and the power of voice and the breath.

It is a very exciting to be working in a field that influences not only my daily life, but has also helped foster my creativity and allowed my authentic self to re-surface.  I have had some very powerful breakthrough’s with my clients.  Most of them have had massive shifts and transformation within only one session of seeing me. I am a channel, and have the ability to connect to other realms (mainly work with Angelic Realms and Ascended Masters, but occasionally get contacted by other “beings” if it is of benefit to my client), as well as having very sharp intuitive and clairvoyant skills.

I help people to clear their “chakra’s” (energy centers) and can intuitively feel their blockages within my physical body whether in their presence, or they are halfway around the world.  It often manifests itself as physical discomfort in my body and then I am able to ask them questions related to this and get guidance on “shifting” the energy block out of their bodies.  Children are like magnets to the work I do.  My daughters have already experienced huge benefits from the work I do which makes me really proud.  I am really fortunate to have a beautiful healing room that I have created in my home, that I can share with clients, friends, and family.

Random Confession: I have been a healer for many, many lifetimes.  I’ve been hung as a witch in one life, but let’s not focus on that.  They might find out I’m doing it again and throw me into a volcano!!!!

IMG_3510 IMG_1538 IMG_1540 IMG_1567

7) I have a dream to sit opposite Oprah on Super Soul Sundays.  I have always been a great fan (ok, um, who isn’t though, right??) and always had this voice in me saying that I would be on her show.  For years I couldn’t figure out the “how” or “why”, until recently when I published my first book “Hungry”-Feed Your Soul, I realized that this was how it was meant to happen.  Over a year ago I was guided to write this book and was shown that it would reach far across the world and be read by millions of people. I always knew I’d write a book (well, I’m sure it will be many!), but thought it would be more like a novel.  Instead, I was guided to use my images, stop procrastinating and create a “soul feast” to share my experiences and connect with something everyone can relate to. I followed my instincts, and doors started opening. I initially was only going to self publish through, then was encouraged by a small publisher to publish through them (they nominated the book for 2 awards straight away), and weeks later received a call from the Hay House family who my book is now published under as well.  The book is doing really well, and I know divine timing will get it where it needs to be.

BTW, my brother lives in Chicago about 20 mins from Harpo Studios so he has been in there a few times trying to catch sight of Oprah for me.  Love it!

Random Confession: Sometimes I go and try on different pairs of designer shoes imagining that I’m getting ready to fly to Chicago and meet Oprah (oh, and see my brother, he lives there too!).  The other day I found some nice Manolo’s….they would do quite nicely thanks!!!

hungry_Facebook720px ht-oprah-magazine-cover-favorite-things-thg-121105-wmain-jpg_230511 IMG_1526 IMG_1527

(Hmmm, dirty Havainas, or sparkly Manolo????)

8) I used to almost LIVE in the kitchen and have a great love of food and all things culinary (is peanut butter considered gourmet??).

As perfectionism was something (and still is at times) I struggled with intensely for years, this was one of my ways of manifesting it.  My friend used to call me “Martha” every time she came over for dinner, or to sample some baked goodies!

I’ve pushed my creativity into other areas like photography and writing now and have adopted the phrase “Imperfection is Perfection” which has now become a hallmark and theme of my brand Nektar.  Accept things as they are and love the flaws, imperfections, and lessons that come with them!

Random Confession: I used to shove bits of my lunch down my leotards (some people call them tights, you know…..the things that keep your legs warm with feet attached!) and then go to the bathroom and flush the food down the toilet when I was about 5 or 6 years old.  Not sure how I didn’t think my Mom would find out when there were bread crumbs and bits of mayonnaise smeared inside them when I took them off! Or maybe it was the floating bread crust in the toilet…..hmmmm.

Not very “Martha” is it??

IMG_9753 IMG_4139

9) I have been lucky in my adult life to have travelled all over the world, and consider my top travel experiences to be the ones where I’ve given something back.  A trip to Ethiopia last year with 5 girlfriends was an experience to remember.  Handing out clothing and supplies from the back of a 4 x 4 and seeing this beautiful country was  a dream come true.  You can read about it here.  I was also fortunate to get to Vietnam earlier this year with our family and collected money for my 40th birthday to help out a Special Needs Homeless Shelter  by buying a new wheelchair for them and boxes of crayons and coloring paper.  As my daughter Ruby has Down Syndrome, this was near and dear to my heart and I have since gone on to design 5 Limited Edition Cushions, using my photographic images to donate proceeds back to this amazing organization.

This is something I’m really passionate about, I believe that everyone has the ability to give something back every time they travel and make a point of teaching my kids that when you travel you will gain so much more by leaving the country feeling like you’ve improved someone’s life, even if it’s just a little.

For me giving FEELS REALLY GOOD…..

Random Confession: I used to worry about posting stuff like this thinking that people would think I was trying to hide something.  Weird programming….old stuff……just something I grew up with that said that if you were doing something really good, then you must be up to something really bad in reality, which was passed from my mother from her grandmother, and so on, and so on. It is my nature to live in a glass half full mentality, but there was a lot of pessimism in my childhoodI( not sure if that was just the 70’s and 80’s in general?). I say balance is good, I learned from both.  And by the way, I won’t tell you the bad things I’m up to behind closed doors!! lol

IMG_1926 IMG_1662 IMG_5121 IMG_5060 IMG_5116

10) I have done a complete 360 in how I view life after living for New Zealand (my husband’s native land) for 3 years.  New Zealand is a beautiful, wild, and wonderful place.  I did some of the hardest times in my life when I lived there, in that I experienced some of the biggest spiritual shifts and difficult times, yet it was the biggest gift I could ever receive (outside having my girls of course!).  I developed an insane appreciation for the “little things” in life, and for the detail that nature displays when you stop and take notice.  I channeled most of my book in the notes section of my iPhone over the course of a few months walking to a deserted, but very sacred piece of land in New Zealand, and I believe the energy had to come from that place to make it happen .

This blog was conceived and born in New Zealand, and took me through the experimentation of making washing powder, having my own beehives, getting raw milk in an illegal milk ring (for real), while I found my true soul centre and realized where I was meant to be heading.

I am forever grateful for my time in NZ, and will always have ties to this amazing place…

Random Confession:I also did a complete 360 in my exercise regime as sessions of intense exercise changed to baking (eating!!) cakes and eating copious amounts of really good food.  New Zealand has a reputation for some of the world’s best food and wine, and some of the best baking recipes in the world. When in Rome!

IMG_5201 IMG_0938 IMG_9139 IMG_1586 IMG_2741

Well that’s it! I could write another 20 points about me, but then that wouldn’t leave any room for mystery, would it?  I look forward to reading your comments below and “5 things you didn’t know about me”. Please go ahead and share! I love reading about people and their stories, it’s what makes the world an interesting place to live!

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Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. Brianna Hall Reply //

    I looooved reading all of this! Thanks for the insight into your soul – such a beautiful message. 🙂

  2. Caitlin Grace Reply //

    Loved your blog as always! New Zealand is a special place and where I call home.
    Ok here’s my 5 things you don’t know about me
    (1) I have been a a photographic model for a local shops ad campaign, a nude model for a friend and a catwalk model for a local fashion show. All of these were at different stages of my life and I’ve been thin and fat while modelling. Each time it was a huge step out of my comfort zone and a great boost for the self esteem.
    (2) I am a mother to three sons and four step daughters and a grandmother to 7 grandsons and two grand daughters. I am not the type of Grandmother that I thought I would be. While I lvoe to see the grandkids I also very much love to have time to myself and my hubby which makes me feel quite selfish.
    (3) My darling and I have been together for 21 years and our relationship gets better all the time. I love how he really listens to everything that I say and that we still haven’t run out of things to talk about.
    (4) Being a solo mum with my boys when I left their father was the hardest time of my life and no-one fully appreciates how hard it is unless they have done it to.
    (5) I got pregnant with my youngest son while I was separated from his father. We never got back together and my youngest son is the greatest blessing in my life and a truly amazing man ( he’s 21 in a few weeks). He has just moved to America to get to know his Dad better and I miss him every day.

    • Stephanie Hamilton Reply //

      Wow Caitlin!!! What an amazing journey! I can’t believe you have all those amazing children in your life, and I don’t blame you for wanting to have time for you, sounds like after all those years you took care of children that you actually DO need to have that time to decompress!! I love your courage in doing nude modeling, was it for a photographer or painter? I, like you have had such a journey with my body and enjoyed being both experiences of fat and thin. I would love to say that thin felt more comfortable, but for me I feel that I always wanted “more thin” instead of being happy of where I was at. Thanks for sharing, really, really interesting. I hope more people get on board and share with us! Love reading facts about people and their lives!!! Thanks again!

  3. Linda Reply //

    Hi gorgeous lady, I so miss that you’re no longer just up the road and round the corner in your mad house with fresh baking (although I only made it to yours once, I wish it had been more often!!). But then again, I’m not just down the road and around the corner anymore either am I? LOL. Wow this might be hard – 5 things you don’t know about me…
    1) My eldest daughter was conceived on a one night stand with a friend. Survived the MAP, a bottle of bourbon, white water rafting and a jump off a 30 foot rock into ice cold water, arrived 10 weeks early and STILL I want to shake the hell out of her sometimes! (Don’t get me wrong, I love her to pieces… She is 19 now and ‘trying’ to live like an adult). She’s obviously meant to be here!
    2) I had a relationship before my first marriage ended. I am sorry I hurt my husband like that, but I don’t regret it. Without attempting to justify it, the relationship showed me that I was worth more and I definitely deserved more attention that I was getting.
    3) I met my second husband through an internet dating site. Our first date lasted 6 hours :o) and although we have our ups and downs, I can’t imagine my life without him. He’s like the other half of me, even if we don’t ‘understand’ each other all the time.
    4) I am still trying to find what I want to do with my life. I keep ending up in an office environment usually in the medical or similar industry. I have worked at a hospital, a health insurance company and currently I’m a Homecare services coordinator for an organisation who looks after people in their homes. but… my heart sings out to do something else, something creative, something fun but something that is financial enough to give me the choice to work or create…
    and last, but by no means least 5) I am a master procrastinator and always think why do something to do that can be done tomorrow :0P and am worst when things look or seem as big as ‘Ben Hur’ (except reading. I could curl up somewhere and read any time!). I frustrate myself with this, but even tonight I’m doing it! LOL…
    Lots of love & hugs my friend, xxx Blessings, Linda

    • Stephanie Hamilton Reply //

      LInda, wow!So many amazing experiences! I love your honesty and open heartedness in sharing this with everyone. I wish we had more time in NZ to get to know one another but we are kindred spirits! Glad we can still be connected!! x

  4. cjanasdreams Reply //

    Very interesting blog and I didn’t know any of the above. Now you have intrigued me with your writing. Keep it up. When I say Hi to Oprah I’ll tell her of your dream.

    • Stephanie Hamilton Reply //

      Thank you! I had a look at your blog cjanas and you have a lot of experience when it comes to writing. Your site is great as there is a lot of care and love put into it through what you share. Thanks for stopping by!

      • cjanasdreams Reply //

        Thank you Stephanie. I try my best and I write from my heart. My life has been very busy lately and I haven’t been on daily which I apologize for.

  5. Darra Reply //

    Hey Stephanie,
    Fabulous blog and website and book!!! Inspiring. Fear inducing a little bit, but inspiring. Does that make any sense? I’m still figuring it out, too.
    So… 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me….
    1) I have been a blacksmith. Hammering hot steel type. I made up the word blacksmithstress with one of the other women on our four month course when I was learning some of the “how to”. I miss blacksmithing. I had to give it up when ‘we’ joined the military. I used to sell my work at Studio Tours and did fairly well. Although I loved the work, I kinda hated having to work on a deadline to sell stuff. But then I loved the selling. Hmmmm…
    2) Two kids. Love ’em. Give up too much of me for them probably. Maybe that’s just being a mom??? Love them though, to bits. And worry about them. Again, mom thing.
    3) Dream of getting rid of ‘stuff’. We have way, way, way too much stuff and lately I have been feeling seriously weighed down. Partly from within, partly from without. Would love to go through and purge, purge, purge but fear the reaction of friends and family when they say, “You got rid of X??? But that came from/was given by/was made by/cost $X etc…..”. Haven’t gotten up the guts to go through with it yet. Moving all the time makes it really obvious how much extra weight you carry. Again, both within and without.
    4) Have banned Nutella from my home because I will sit and eat the whole jar with a spoon. In one sitting. Really.
    5) Love colour but need room for it to breathe. See #3.
    PS. Every time I hear Michael Jackson I think of you and Pauline. 🙂

    • Stephanie Hamilton Reply //


      I absolutely adored your 5 things!

      And can I start by saying that when you say “fear” with the book, I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR! When I wrote this book I was paralyzed over the keyboard, like several times. I would end up in tears, full of fear that the words spilling out onto the keyboard were unworthy, or didn’t make sense. This book was channeled from a much higher place than myself. These are messages of truth and existence that my soul could no longer hold within. So thank you for highlighting this, and I can tell you we all face fear every day, and that we’re all on our own timing of when and how we deal with it. Kisses and hugs to you for acknowledging it in the first place. Re your blacksmithing, get out there girl! You can call your own shots, the world needs more ART!!! Your kids sound amazing, and I have no doubt your are an amazing and doting mother. Re the stuff, I will just say that I have been through this on the biggest scale you can imagine. When we moved back to Dubai, we sold the entire contents of our home, except for beds, sofas, a few dishes, and toys. For REAL. It took almost 3 years to sell everything off, and damn, it felt good! I had to hush that voice of what others thought, and in the end, they are not the ones who had to carry the excess weight, and it’s only out of FEAR that they challenge you in that they are not brave enough to follow that path, (and truth be told, some do not wish to, and that is also ok as that is their path). Everything is made of energy, and allowing the stuff to go, will allow flow for things that you DO want in your life. I wish you all the best in your clearing! It will come when it’s ready! Here are my 2 posts I wrote about this subject if you’re interested in what I went through in my journey! and . It’s so lovely to connect with you and YES! will always remember MJ and our childhood! Some great times! x

  6. Emma Hall Reply //

    Just found you, your website and blog! So beautifully crafted in every way and your 10 things completely resonates: travel, food, NZ living, family, energy healing and my precious feet and therefore, lack of patience and ability to remain present when they are hurt ……my daughter also seems to find them out (regularly) and I’m still sporting a black toe from a year ago!! LOL

    • Stephanie Hamilton Reply //

      Ahhh, thanks Emma! It was a pleasure to speak with you today, and yes….those feet!!! Argh! Haha! Thank you for finding me…..I have been longing to blog again and just needed that little lift to do it. I believe that this has been it! Thanks for your visit and look forward to our workshop on Wednesday!


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