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I’ll take you there…© Nektar

What would happen if you WOKE UP ONE DAY, and realized that life had passed you by?

You’ve waited for the PERFECT LIFE to devour, but you’re still CRAVING. You’ve wandered aimlessly lost, SEARCHING for meaning, when every single BREATH holds the key to the magic and beauty that you so DESIRE!

We live in a world of UNCONSCIOUS CRAVING…and yet we are more INSATIABLE than we’ve ever been in the history of mankind!

Let’s get REAL here people…

Do you REALLY want to know what it FEELS LIKE to be ALIVE?

Hello, I’m Stephanie!
I know what it feels like to feel “stuck”, not being able to put my finger on exactly what will give me a sense of PURPOSE!

I’ve stared at the wreckage and carnage of my life through battling addiction, dysfunction, and the life-changing birth of my daughter with Down Syndrome (the biggest GIFT of all!).

And I’ve come out ON TOP.

I’ve kissed my wounds, counted my blessings, and awakened to the unconditional BEAUTY and splendor that LIFE offers.

This is my story…

I’m a published author, writer, Internationally featured soul photographer (my work has been featured in Lonely Planet and in an exhibition in NYC), spiritual and life alignment guide (that means I help you find the sweet spot in life!), healing facilitator, teacher, and mother.

You see, I’m in the business of CONNECTION and INSPIRATION, guiding you back to what’s been on your front doorstep all along.

I’m here to re-ignite those burning desires in reclaiming what really matters to YOU.

Your sense of PEACE and LOVE.

Everything you’ve ever desired has come to you, and yet, you just KNOW IT, that deep, deep down , there is more to life, and that life is YOU. Maybe you’ve had kids, or gotten married. Or perhaps you’ve got a high powered job, ran your own empire,or all of the above! You’ve MADE IT baby!

So then why are you HERE?

You’re here for CONNECTION, to reignite your life’s FIRE, and to feed your HUNGER.

And you KNOW I’m the one who’ll support, guide, and LOVE you, but most of all, we’re going to get REAL together.

When you work with me, expect the TRUTH. Take a dose of direct honesty, add a dash of compassion, and you’ve got the winning formula that I provide to help you tap back into your Nektar!

Nektar is all about discovering the beauty in life, and connecting back to the core of who we are.

You see, it’s all about UNLOCKING your truth that resonates deep within your soul.

A session with me, both Soulmap, and Aura-Soma® will leave you with a sense of self-empowerment and a renewed spark and vision towards a JUICIER and delectable life!

Want to get more personal? Read more HERE.

All in all, I’m a Creative Visionary, and a Game Changer.

I AM authentic, sincere, genuine, intuitive to your vibration, and here to help!!

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If you are the flicker of a flame, I am the can of gas that’s gonna reignite the bonfire within! If there’s one thing that I’ve heard over and over again it’s “I love your sense of PASSION and lust for life!”. Don’t worry, I’ll TAKE YOU THERE!.


How can I make your life sweeter? I invite you to sign up for your FREE Drops of Nektar and inspiration, or Book a Session and take the first step to your magnificence remembrance!


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