Nektar has evolved into the juiciness that it is because of people like YOU.

From the beginnings of a small blog started in New Zealand, to the launch of my first book, spectacular and unique images, and one on one life purpose sessions tailored to bring out the Nektar in you, the possibilities are endless! I’m so proud to be able to offer you the abundance of soul food and tools available to help inspire you!


By taking time to connect with yourself, and your authenticity, Nektar has evolved into a labour of LOVE!

As luck would have it, you’ve BELIEVED in me, SUPPORTED me, and all in all, it’s been an infinite pleasure to give back to you the juiciest and most colorful array of offerings to inspire, uplift, and reignite your soul fire!

“Let the beauty of what you LOVE be what you do”-Rumi

With GRATITUDE, I say “Thank You!” and INVITE you to join me in making your life sweeter!

Soulmap: Divine your soul’s purpose

soul map divining your soul purpose life coaching by nektar logo

We all come equipped with our own blueprint. Just as our fingerprints are unique, so is our internal roadmap that defines us and allows us the possibility of limitless living! Soulmap is a self empowerment system designed to help you get back on track in remembrance of the amazement and wonder that is YOU! FEAR not copilot, I am the navigator, but ultimately YOU are in the driver’s seat!! I designed this program from personal experience and the success of many clients who have gained absolute CLARITY from working with me. Get back on track, tap into YOUR map!

Hungry: Find beauty and invigorate your creative drive.

hungry book by nektar life inspiration logo

“We all HUNGER for more meaning. Searching endlessly, and insatiably so…trying to fill in the cracks that creep into our existence. We are waiting for someone, or something to come and light up our lives, when all along WE are the solution, WE are the creation, WE ARE OUR OWN SAVIOR.” There is love in the little things.

All that we ever ask for, is all that we have. There is simplicity, LOVE, and light in abundance around us.”Hungry-Feed Your Soul” aims to create a new mindset of awareness, forgiveness, and LOVE.

“Heart” provoking, it will feed your soul.

Read and Feed your Soul HERE.

Nektar Photography: Capturing your precious moments

tart and fork with filigree framing

“Life is Beautiful…”

Nektar is about chasing good light, and capturing you in your purest essence. A photoshoot should highlight YOU doing the things you love doing. Let me help you tell your story, in all it’s truth and glory!

Aura Soma

Aura soma logo

“You are the colors your choose and these reflect your beings needs”
Aura Soma® is a color care system that is self-selective and non-intrusive.

An Aura Soma® consultation helps to provide insight into our journey in life through looking at a series of 4 colored bottles.

Aura Soma bottles by Nektar
All the Aura Soma bottles I work with to help divine your soul’s TRUE desires.

Come with me and experience the magnificence of your soul through the language of color and book an Aura Soma consultation today!