What is Aura Soma?

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“You Are the Colors You Choose”

Aura Soma® is a color care system that is self-selective and non-intrusive.

An Aura Soma® consultation helps to provide insight into our journey in life through looking at a series of 4 colored bottles:

Through the selection of 4 colored equilibrium bottles, the client is able to take a look at the following areas of their life:

  • Bottle #1: Mission and Purpose
  • Bottle #2: Gifts and Talents in this lifetime
  • Bottle #3: Here and Now
  • Bottle #4: Potential

What’s inside the bottles?

Aura Soma bottles by Nektar
All the Aura Soma bottles I work with to help divine your soul’s TRUE desires.

The bottles contain an energy triad: plant, crystal, and color. They are fractionated bottles, with a spectrum of colors that relate to different points in the body’s energy systems (also known as chakras in Eastern medicine).

“You are the colors you choose and these reflect your beings needs”


The Equilibrium bottles provide powerful insights and offer ways to move through challenges that keep us from moving forward. By applying the liquid in the bottle on the skin, the colors your soul has been longing for can be integrated into your physical system providing support for whatever challenges you face and helping propel your journey forward.

Come and experience a relaxing and respiteful session away from the stresses of daily life in my beautiful treatment room in Dubai, or book a session via Skype!

Vicky Wall, the creator of the Aura soma® system put it quite simply when she said “Those who wish to remember themselves, come and see.”

For more information, please contact me today or book a session below! *Skype calls are for International bookings. Dubai sessions are held locally in my treatment room and can also be booked by using the form below.



Still not convinced?

Shirley Conlon bio photo

Hi Stephanie, I’m loving the magic potion and using it every day as you suggested. I am really feeling the love and abundance in confidence since we had our session. The “i can do anything” approach is very strong in my mind. I really loved the session with you and will definitely be back for more. Thank you for all.
— Shirley Conlon

Catherine Just bio photo

If you haven’t had an Aura Soma session with Stephanie… GO NOW!
It’s a game changer. Stephanie is so intuitive, wise and supportive. I felt more in tune with my path after our session. Who doesn’t want to feel clarity?
— Catherine Just

Elizabeth McQuade bio photo

During the session Stephanie held space in a lovely way with her keen intuition and great sense of humour. The session was a healing in itself. Even during our session I could feel shifts in my energy and emotions. If you are looking to shift something in your life in a gentle yet powerful way I would highly recommend a session with Stephanie!
– Elizabeth McQuade