The art of “Soulful Relationships” and how to manifest them in your life

Last year, I was approached to write a chapter and co-author alongside 33 other great inspirational teachers, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders in the bestselling series Adventures in Manifesting. The new book titled “Soulful Relationships” sounded exciting, and I felt a rush of adrenaline at the thought of being featured alongside such great teachers as Marianne Williamson, Joe Vitale, and Bob Doyle.

Once the adrenaline wore off I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical. It all sounded too good to be true, and there was still a part of me that wasn’t sure what I had to say was valuable.

I know there have been many roles I have played in my life that have inspired others, helping them to overcome obstacles and see life in a new light through my blog, and first book Hungry, but there was something that made me feel uncomfortable about writing about relationships.

It felt raw, revealing, and naked.

Then I opened myself up to the possibilities, and I could see with absolute clarity that this was meant to be.

To share the absolute truth of what LOVE really means, and how the fairytale of meeting my soulmate, literally being swept away in the rolling dunes of Saudi Arabia (after only meeting each other 2 weeks earlier) and saying “yes” to a marriage proposal was destined to be so much more than what appeared on the surface. This story would inspire and ground an acceptance in each and every person who would read it. It would also teach others that ideals are just fictional things we create that make us feel unworthy, and that every relationship has value beyond what we can explain.

Adventures in Manifesting author

I love telling the story of how James and I magically became entwined in that desert, yet it didn’t feel right telling that story without the truth of reality, and what that union really means.

Manifesting my perfect soulmate has so much more meaning and depth 13 years later. I have learned the beautiful truth of pain, commitment, joy, loneliness, and passion, all combined to create the perfect LOVE.

Soulful Relationships has given me that license to share and create my story with others in order that they too may be inspired to see the beauty of their lives. I wanted to share the absolute truth of what love really means to me, and to help others overcome their perceptions of struggle in their lives.

The beauty in my story lies in looking at the cracks and learning to love them anyway.

The Adventures in Manifesting book series is the flagship project of Älska (pronounced ‘elsh-ka’, which means ‘to love’). Currently a bestseller and distributed in over 19 countries around the world, the series is regarded as innovative and inspirational by its ever-growing readership—with over 30,000 books in print in just over two years—even before the newest titles were added later this year.

We live our lives and without knowing it, are inspired by people that we are surrounded by everyday. Soulful Relationships is an incredible compilation of stories to warm the heart, and inspire from the depths of your soul. It’s all about connection, from one human being to another, and I believe that when we are willing to open ourselves up to share with others, amazing and incredible things begin to shift and happen! This has been my experience working on this project so far, connecting with all the authors who have helped to co-create this incredible book! I can personally tell you that there are stories in this book for everyone, stories written by women, men, teachers, healers, survivors, and lovers.

Each and every chapter will carry you to a different destination, and I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this exciting journey! A lot of what we experience in our relationships comes down to our own personal state of mind and ability to heal and move on from past wounds. This book is a compilation of beautiful and inspiring stories to help you do just that.

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Get soulfully energized, and blissfully inspired with Soulful Relationships!

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Soulful Relationships Adventures in Manifesting Stephanie Hamilton

Soulful Relationships: Adventures in Manifestation

33 stories and examples of how people manifested soulful relationships in their lives, leading to love, health, and happiness!

Soft cover, available today!


Soulful Relationships
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