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Enrich your soul and learn to reignite your life’s tastebuds!

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Want to see yourself in a different LIGHT and feel ALIVE?

I can help guide you to a place of PEACE, PASSION, and PURPOSE! Soulmap is a self-empowerment program that helps you NAVIGATE your internal blueprint, develop your Self-Expression, and CONNECT your mind/body/spirit!

To taste the beauty, feel the rawness, and to REALLY LIVE is something that is written in our DNA, coded with information from many lifetimes and experiences, to shape who we are, and why we are here.

Want to RECONNECT with yourself and remember why you are here?

Soulmap is a program that helps to unlock the codes, and discover the HEART of your true soul blueprint. It’s about self-expression in it’s greatest form, YOU!

We all deserve to live in abundance doing what we love doing, so we can share that passion with the world! It’s time to reclaim your personal POWER!

Soulmap helps to unleash your wildest desires to LIVE your fullest life, and to regain alignment of your body, mind, and spirit!

The Soulmap program operates on THREE guiding principles:

  • CLARIFY: Get CLEAR on what MATTERS, and what is HOLDING YOU BACK.
  • CREATE: Step into the TRUE YOU. Define your MAGNIFICENCE. Craft your LIFE. Unlock your SELF-EXPRESSION.

Soulmap is self empowering.

You already HAVE all this lusciousness locked up inside you, you already KNOW in the deepest parts of your soul what you agreed to create in this life. Add free will, & unlimited choices and the world is yours to enjoy!

“The indulgence of life is a gift. Chosen by those brave enough to, taste it, never knowing how long the hunger will subside.” -Stephanie Hamilton, Hungry–Feed Your Soul


What can I expect?

Expect to have FUN, expect to get REAL. Expect the UNEXPECTED…

I use a combination of tools including the use of color, light, sound, writing, and photography to shift your MOJO into BLISS! There are NO LIMITS!

Sessions can be booked both in house (Dubai location), and via SKYPE!

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