I’ve done it…..

I can’t believe it.

I AM an author.  A published one at that!  This is something I have dreamed about for a very long time but never had the courage of the belief in myself to share my gift with the world!

Today I launched “Hungry-Feed Your Soul”, a photographic essay highlighting the power of simplicity and love.  Hungry was a work in progress for some time.  I started with the concept as I shot many of my images, not knowing exactly how they would piece together or even if they would fit into my story.

I then kept telling myself that there just wasn’t enough time to write a book.  It would take AGES to complete, and I wasn’t sure I had the patience for it.

Then I had an idea…..well, more than one idea!! The more I cleared my energy space, the more clarity I gained on how I was going to achieve my dream of publishing my first book.  Check out the book HERE.

I started tapping out little “Nektarisms” on my iPhone during my long walks through the bush in NZ.  It was only here that I was able to fully clear my brain and get some clarity with my thoughts.  I never knew how they would piece together, but somehow I had faith and trust that I would be shown the way.

“Hungry” is the result of a selection of over 29,000 images, and numerous “Nektarisms” combined to create a little book of inspiration which I hope that people will resonate with.

The basis of the book is all about “love in the little things” and taking the time to draw into the moment and appreciate all the finer details in life.  There is beauty in our everyday life that is not always apparent when we don’t allow ourselves the time to “flow” in the moment.

As I have been writing this blog for over 2 years, I would like to offer my blog followers a special gift of a FREE digital copy of my book. The book retails on iTunes for $11.99 USD, and on Blurb.com for the same amount.  If you would like to take advantage of this beautiful free gift to you, then please email me at connect@nektar.ae and I will forward a copy to you in gratitude for your support in this blog over the past few years!

In return, if you are keen (I do not expect anything at all!), if you could review the book preview, or get a copy from me, and write a quick review on the following pages if possible;



This will help my book to get some traction and visibility!

Thank you so much once again for your support.  It is such an amazing feeling to think that someone, somewhere around the world is interested in my book!

MY book….yeah, that’s right…..my book!!

OH happy day!!!

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Are You Hungry?

  1. libby tully Reply //

    You are amazing. All that you have achieved and all that you give to others. You are an inspiration. Dear Ruby is blessed to have you as her Mum along with Olivia and Lily of course. I still think of you all but follow your blog. Your trip to Ethiopia sounded incredible. Lots of love xxx

  2. Angela Brennan Reply //

    Congratulations Steph! Wishing you every success with the book launch! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. x

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