We are broken.

Yup, that’s what I said, “We. Are. Broken.”

Every single morsel of our existence is the reflection of the tarnished or polished existence we see in others.


We live in a world of hyper stimulation, unconscious craving, and lustful wonder. We’ve crafted illusions of cupcake perfection, and illicit narcissism, in the bid to come out on top and proclaim “I am WORTHY dammit”!

In a world of self improvement, advancing spirituality, and material wanderlust, it’s hard to find the sense of calm that eludes us.


We seek enlightenment, yet we are broken in our inability to just let go…


So, what if being BROKEN is ok? What if our chipped existence is the core of our true essence? What if this is the revelation that unlocks the key to our freedom?


Imagine the anger that percolates beneath the surface when our buttons are pressed.

Or, the jealousy that creeps like a tangled vine up the backbone of our existence.

Or how about the resentment that stenches up the caverns of our souls?

How does it feel to just let it all hang out? Do you ever feel as though you wish you could just allow yourself to TRULY feel and express what you are feeling in that moment without judgement?


How WOULD it feel to just COME UNDONE???

In all my tattered splendor, I proclaim that it’s not only OK, but that it’s time we allowed ourselves the beauty of coming undone! Here are 3 ways to do just that…

1) TAKE THE MASK OFF. Life is not a masquerade ball, so why are you wearing a mask? Why are we so afraid to allow the darker aspects of ourselves to come to light? It’s time to get NAKED. Raw and real. Allow the true colors of your imperfections to shine. When you feel the anger spewing hot lava (and you’re pretty sure it wasn’t the vindaloo you just consumed) from the depths of your belly, allow it bubble. Breathe a deep breath, take the mask off and let your true feelings be known. The mask only creates a veneer of deception, and a hip flask of poison that you’re bound to drink sooner or later. Why wait? Uncork it now, take a sip, and pass it around. With an open heart, the sweetest alchemy ensues and your anger is now seen through the eyes of truth. No matter what the outcome, you know that you’ve let go of what no longer serves your purpose, allowing a beautiful sense of release and clarity to come to light.


2) SING YOUR PRAISES. Why is it we are so addicted to pain? Ask yourself what it is that you LOVE about yourself that is broken. You know what I’m talking about. I’ve played the victim role over and over again , from the crutch of parenting a daughter with Down Syndrome, to the continual quest for healing of my hypothyroidism. Pain is the vehicle that allows us to see our greatness. When we get to the core of the story, it’s not surprising to find that pain is the fuel for LOVE. So why not sing it out LOUD!! Talk about your experiences, don’t be afraid to highlight the gifts that the pain has offered you. By putting yourself out there, you expose your vulnerable side and make connections that go far beyond any pain you’ve ever encountered. Take the risk, it’s WORTH IT.


3) BE PREPARED TO START OVER. Our lives are merely a set of rules, regulations, and beliefs that have been learned, acquired, moulded, and built in since our inception. Be prepared to ASK QUESTIONS and GET REAL. Don’t get stuck in the comfort of illusion. Ask yourself about LOVE, MONEY, SEX, VITALITY, and what your soul yearns for RIGHT NOW . Plan to stay up late. Ask yourself the questions that you’re AFRAID to ask. Rewrite the rules. You ARE the rules. Dig DEEP. Take no prisoners as you come undone. Laugh, cry, then cry some more. Let GO. Let go and allow your beautiful broken self to emerge wholeheartedly.


Yes indeed we are broken my friend, in all our splendor, we are broken, cracked, chipped, and weathered. But that’s what I LOVE about you and me. Let’s celebrate the beauty of our broken selves that experience has shaped so we can live FULLY, and unconditionally FREE!


Want to reconnect to your sense of Peace, PASSION, and purpose? Join me for a Soulmap session to help clear what no longer serves you, celebrate your unique gifts, and dive into the greatness that you meant for! I look forward to connecting with you!!

When was the last time you allowed yourself to “let go” and come undone? Please share in the COMMENTS below! It’s always comforting to learn from other people’s experiences and your VOICE is safe here at Nektar!

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Broken-3 Ways to Come Undone

  1. Isabelle Reply //

    So truly and beautifully written! Namaste Stephanie.
    I do care to converse!
    And I couldn’t agree more! Acceptance of who we are, as we are in the present moment, is a relief.
    Yesterday morning, I woke with something twisted in my tummy, felt like I have swollen an emotional cactus…..I was annoyed and disappointed to feel that state, thinking yeah 2 steps forward, oh shit one backward….until I have decided that it was just a cactus moment, telling me something 🙂 So I let go, thinking well this is my cactus!! and the day went nicely, with a focus on connecting to the universe, mother earth and feeling grateful again for the love surrounding me and the love I am and give.
    Peace is a path, not a destination. And on the journey, when I find myself in the shade of unpleasant thoughts, the light eventually come through thank to that crack of mine :-))
    Thank you for your words, LOVE&BLESSINGS

    • Stephanie Hamilton Reply //

      Isabelle, thanks so much for your beautiful comment, and I LOVE your cactus analogy!! That really is how it feels sometimes isn’t it? Prickly and raw…..and when you open the cactus, the sweetness emerges. Beautifully said! Yes, embrace those moments of “brokenness” as it is a true part of our nature and I’m so glad this article connected with you. There is strength in numbers babe!

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