And so it is……

Another year has passed us by, and I think it’s fair to say that there was hardly a week that passed without someone genuinely proclaiming “Where has the week, day, month gone???”…..

We are in a unique time of CHANGE with many of the old, stagnant energies that have been pulling us down seeing their last days, while the new brilliant WHITE LIGHT energies wash over the earth and the universe around us.

We have spent a lot of 2011 wondering why it is that we have been dueling with our emotions, battling with our own personal demons, all the while trying to create a more brilliant future for ourselves and our children.

We are more AWARE than ever before…..

From the intricate weavings of a spider web and buds waiting to blossom….

To the tiniest grains of sand that reach out to the infinite ocean…..


To the unique blueprint of freckles that mimic the Milky Way……

We have a yearning to see that little bit further, and breathe a little bit deeper.  To get a chance to be the one to make the first mark on a clean slate.  To bring our own personal perspective, together in PEACE.

2011 was a tough year for many. Many cracks forced their way through the earth’s crust, and through our bodies as we struggled with emotions that have been waiting to resurface for what has seemed like eons…..

It has been a time for REVEALING, and a time to HEAL for all, even if we’re not aware of it at times.

There have been many moments of fear and judgement which now seem to fade further into the distance as we arm ourselves with protective shields of LOVING and GIVING.

If there is any one major theme or lesson that stands out to me in this past year, it is that of going within.  So often, I have looked outside for answers and acknowledgement when in reality, the answers have been there all along if I only take the time to sit and listen.

Being a person who has grown up in a loud environment I guess you could say that silence used to scare the heck out of me.  That is slowly starting to change and I can finally see the value in listening to my inner spirit.

I am EXCITED about what lies ahead in this bright, shiny new year of 2012!!  The gateways are open, the air is filled with so many possibilities, and the chance to connect with others is like no other time in our history.

I am filled with creative FUEL to help me to realize my purpose in life, and to hopefully inspire others to do the same.

They say it’s always a good idea to set your goals and then be made accountable for them so here goes….

In 2012 I hope to take all of the lessons I have learned up until now to create the following;

*Finish my photography website and start using it to create the abundance that is rightfully mine, while at the same time giving back to those in need.

*Help others to realize their creative power through day retreats which will lead to overseas retreats.

*Establish a more meaningful, and more open connection with all members of my family.

*The space to relax, live and BREATHE more freely.

*In collaboration with the collective, a world of PEACE, LOVE, HEATLH, EQUALITY, and UNITY.

Happy New Year to each and every one of you.  I hope that 2012 brings you the vision to see that you are what you CREATE!!

May all of your creative fuel burn with LOVE……….



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  1. joy swatsworth. Reply //

    Happy New Year! I am sitting here on the other side of this big blue marble we live on sipping cappuccino, watching our pond being covered with a fluffy white blanket of snow and hoping for many of the same things you are for 2012. I just find it so incredible that even though we may never meet we share so much of the same vision and desires for life. I am very. very. excited for your photography site and I know with your creative genius it will be wickedly wonderful!! Many blessings to you and your for the New Year my friend!

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