Baby brain, Mummy brain, or whatever you’d like to call that fuzzy, fleeting, airheaded moment that you seem to be having more of lately.  The sentences that get jumbled halfway through a dizzying tale, or the fact that you discovered you put the milk in the cupboard and your car keys in the microwave.  You know what I’m talking about……and you don’t even have to be a Mum to know what I mean.

We are overscheduled, overbooked, overworked, and OVER it.  In the age of the 21st century, the pinnacle of the “We’ve made it” era has us chasing our tails and wondering exactly where it is we’re meant to be headed.  All that we could ever want, we have created.  All that we have ever needed is a click of a mouse button away, yet somehow, we have less time than ever before.

I love technology, and clearly I am not shunning the information age as I sit here and write my “blog”, but as of late I have felt the magnetic pull of the earth calling me to come and explore the 360 degree view, the infinite skyline, and the feeling of the earth beneath my feet……

Even if I do step in the mud sometimes….

My kids have been one of the best indicators of when it’s time to leave the modern world behind and get a good dose of what Mother Nature has given us.  During the school holidays Olivia got it into her head that she wanted to go horse riding.  She hasn’t been on a horse since her lessons in Dubai but since meeting a new friend who is very passionate about horses, her interest was renewed.  I decided to leave the 2 little people in good hands so that the girls could have a decent trek.

After a lovely drive we arrived at the scenic TiTree Hills Horse Treks where the girls were about to embark on an hour’s trek through the hills.  Liv seemed a little nervous to start and kept asking whether she could have the easiest horse.

She watched carefully as her horse was chosen and prepared for her…

While Nicola, Liv’s friend was clearly at ease and in love with her equestrian friends..

But it didn’t take long before Liv eased into things and the girls were on their way.

And I was left in the most serene setting, almost in pure silence.  Just me, my book, and my camera.  I got a chance to walk around and look at the finer details and drink in the beauty of a place that is not so familiar to me.

It was only a few months ago that I got my new camera and it’s very rare that I get the opportunity to just practice shooting without little people hanging off my leg or worrying I am going to drop my lens cap in butter again (I often take snaps for the recipes I sometimes post while the kids are trying to get involved so these things happen!) and it was so lovely and refreshing to just have that time to myself.  I still have so much to learn on the photography front and would love to take a course or some lessons when I get a chance but until then, being able to just shoot, shoot, shoot is going to have to do for now!

It was so peaceful that I actually had time to think while the girls were doing their trek and it made me realize that being in direct contact with nature makes your realize that happiness does not come from a 17 inch monitor offering you the world as your oyster.  No, it does not come from a dot com state of mind where any place you wanna be, or any song you want to hear can be at your disposal with the click of your mouse.

But rather, it is the feeling of reconnection……of being GROUNDED, with 2 feet firmly planted on the ground.  It is a state of “being”, of feeling connected to everything around you and the contentment of where your feet have landed regardless of the terrain.

I recently saw a poster on Etsy which had a very powerful message that perhaps I needed to hear at the time!

There is that old saying repeating in my head “Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground”.  To me, this means that you can DREAM, but always keep it real, and what better way to do that than to get real.  Get outside people! Love your virtual world, but don’t forget that all those things that look great on a 17 inch monitor look SO much better in real life.

Just ask Mr Ed….

You can lead a horse to water……..

C’mon….do it! Turn that computer off and get outside!  Do something you normally wouldn’t do, or go somewhere you normally wouldn’t go.  It’s a BIG world out there…

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  1. Catherine Hull Reply //

    What a great post sis! I was having one of these moments myself this weekend. I was at the kingston mill’s locks with the kids and Luke and mom and dad and I realized that I had never enjoyed this kind of thing before as much as I did right then. Before, I would be looking at my watch wondering when we were leaving or looking forward to the next thing to do, but instead I was enjoying this moment. It reminded me of being a child and spending hours at that same place and it was nice to bring the kids there. Dad was explaining how the locks work to them and why they are important, it was the first time I had been there with them that I can remember. It made me think of you. We have been planning our backyard out so that we can enjoy being outside more often and enjoying the beauty that is there to take in! I am loving your photos…. you inspire me to get into taking photos as well…just need a better camera! Maybe we can go for a horsey ride when we are there!!!! You will have to put your camera down for that though…lol! Love you, Miss you like crazy, Can’t wait to be there with you!

    • Nektar Reply //

      I LOVE the locks…sounds like you had a lovely visit there. I used to go up there a lot as a teenager and just explore…watch the boats come through and dream that I’d have one some day! One of the coolest experiences I had there was cliff repelling just above the locks when I was in the Navy Reserves (remember that?)….can’t wait to have you here! We will be connecting with nature….oh, and some good Kiwi wine!!!!!!!

  2. joy swatsworth. Reply //

    Loved this!! So true..we do so much via the, sharing, schooling and the list goes all the way to finding recipes to feed our family that it can be so overwhelming and addictive! On our farm good times are just beyond our front door…pastures, ponds, cows and lovely spoils of this earth….berries in the summer and black walnuts in the fall. I opened my door the other day to the earthy smell of manure being spread in the pastures and it made me feel so good!! I was raised in town so country living was shocking to me at first…now I wear it well…Wellies covered with cow poop is how we roll! But every now and again I have to remind myself what lies beyond the front door! You are so right on with this post…so today after I am done with Gracee’s school we are gonna hit the pond! Your girls have to be the most photogenic girls I have ever seen…the photos you posted the other day of lily and her huge eyes were magnificent!! What a blessed woman you are to have so many lovely ones to take photos of!!

  3. Nektar Reply //

    Wow Joy, your property sounds amazing! The sound of all those lovely places and things to discover! Your Gracee must be in heaven! Thanks so much for your comments, and I hope your trip to the pond was a lovely one!! 🙂

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