I want to tell you a story, but things are moving so fast I can’t even think where to begin, never mind where I last caught my train of thought…..

The past few months have been life changing, nothing short of wonderful, scary, and like jumping off a cliff without a lifeline.

Not one to linger on details (yeah right!!) I will endeavor to keep this short.

In November of last year, my husband finished his job (I use the word finished as I am not a fan of “lost” or any other word implying that it’s not coming back again!!) here in Auckland.  I knew it was coming….and not in a way that there was anything wrong with what he was doing, I JUST KNEW.

You know, that visceral feeling you get, coupled with a vision, and then you block it out (because you don’t want to face it) thinking you must be crazy and not trusting your intuition, but low and behold it happened.  I was right….but funnily enough, I was thrilled as I knew that my husband has so much more to give than what he was able to accomplish in his role here in NZ.

And so, as we do with our glass half full attitude, we decide straight away that it’s a good thing, and that bigger and better things are on the horizon. And so we start assessing things, and it becomes clear very quickly that a move back to Dubai is back on the cards again.  (James and I met in the Middle East, had our children there, and had some very happy years there before the recession hit in 2009 and we found ourselves in this beautiful paradise of NZ).

So, we have no idea how it’s going to transpire but we made a commitment that this is the path that will suit everyone best.  And as we know from our experience in the Middle East, nothing comes at a quick pace, and so when James decides to go over to look for a job we sit with the realization that things may take some time.

We ponder our options, and it becomes very clear to me that we have to make this happen.  There is a message ringing loud and clear saying “Just go……and the Universe will provide”.  We have a house here in NZ, and happen to be in the best month for house sales in Auckland, so why not? Why wait for someone to pave the way for us to go back when we already know the ropes?

And so we made a decision….let’s do things differently……take a leap of faith.  Do everything backwards……

Start selling nearly everything we own……..and why?? Because stuff ties you down…it weighs heavy on your soul, and takes up “energy” which could otherwise be freed in allowing for new and exciting things to come into our life!!

So, on Trade Me we start loading everything, and at one point, we have almost every item in our home out on the driveway taking photo’s, measuring and giving descriptions with an “Everything MUST go!!!” attitude….

We get some boxes and start packing, and put the house on the market.  So the proverbial snowball has started rolling……it is steadily gaining momentum with every item we post for sale flying out the door and a big jar of money sitting on the shelf. We haven’t sold the house yet but why wait for that to start packing?

And so it has begun…and a goal for the end of March has been set.

Take a Leap of Faith alright!!!  It can be quite daunting when you are unsure of how things might turn out but if you really sit back and evaluate by listening to that instinct that is instilled in all of us, you quickly realize that there is a solid divine plan already written, waiting to be hatched……

There are so many “What ifs’…” and so many people asking questions of what our backup plan is……

There is NO backup plan.  It is sink or swim, do or die….come hell or high water, we are going to Dubai.  I know with absolute certainty it’s where we’re meant to be.

We are really excited about all that lies ahead, and really feel we have made the most of NZ.  New Zealand has been nothing short of a fabulous journey for us all. We have had some struggles here, but they have come with some valuable lessons in letting go and healing.

I really look forward to sharing the next phase of this incredible journey with you.  I have so many great plans for Nektar in Dubai, and all around the world!!

I feel something looming on the horizon, and it feels incredibly BIG! You know that feeling when you’re on the roller coaster, slowly trudging up that monstrous hill, knowing  that once you reach the top there’s no turning back…it’s all go from here!

I will leave you with some of my favorite shots and moments in NZ…..I am still really living in the moment and enjoying every last thing there is to enjoy about this magical place.

Here are my top 10 favorite moments/things that I will miss when we leave NZ…

1. The beauty of the land itself and all it’s contrasts

2. The incredible beaches, all completely unique in their own right

3. Connecting with nature and creating an abundance in our garden

4. Award winning vineyards everywhere!

5. Amazing playgrounds waiting to be discovered…

6. Fabulous cafes with fresh, homemade food

7. Breathtaking clouds

8. The fabulous support and people who have come into Ruby’s life in her start to her journey at school.

9. Picnics and sausage sizzles!!


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Leap of Faith

  1. Catherine Hull Reply //

    Love this post!!
    you are a natural born leader and an inspiration to everyone!!
    It is the leaders that show everyone else how to break out of their comfort zone driven by fear and embrace a whole new life and attitude, and therefore become leaders themselves!!
    So happy for you and your beautiful family… I am looking forward to visiting you in Dubai!!

    • Nektar Reply //

      Thanks Catherine for your kind words.. Sometimes there isn’t any other way than to just go with the flow of who you are. It’s nice to not have to fight that anymore!! x

  2. Sara Reply //

    oh sad and exciting all at the same time! hoping to join you back in the sand in years to come….. xo

    • Nektar Reply //

      Oh Sara!! Would love to have you there!!! Will miss NZ and the wonderful people we have connected with and the stunning beauty of this land!! xx

  3. Joy Reply //

    We have so loved having your family as part of our school community and my time with Ruby will ever be in my memory. Olivia too has stamped her mark. I feel priviledged to have crossed your paths in life and look forward to meeting again one day. xoxox

  4. Leonie Wharemate Reply //

    Fabulous Steph! Can’t wait to follow your journey in Dubai. You have inspired me to start my own family journey blog and I absolutely love doing it. You are energy and inspiration. Hope all goes well with the move. x

  5. libby Reply //

    I am so happy for you – you felt such a sense of belonging in Dubai. I will never forget you, your family and especially precious Ruby. She touched my heart and we learnt so much from each other. As you say Ruby is a ‘connector’ – I am sure we will connect again. All the very best to all of you as you embark on yet another amazing journey!! All my love, Libby xxx
    I love the photo’s.

  6. balancealchemy Reply //

    Absolutely loved this post – I cried when I looked at the photos! I have not doubt you are about to embark upon an incredible adventure with Nektar. Your soul shines through in all that you do – you embody how the world can be when we care and connect at the heart level. I love your enthusiasm and passion for life. How blessed I was to meet you before you head away. Much aroha to you and yours as you step into the next phase of life’s magical journey. Debbie xx

  7. Nektar Reply //

    Thank you so, so much with heartfelt gratitude for all of your kind words everyone!! We are so, so blessed to have been able to take this journey to NZ, rediscover what riches we all possess and take that out into the world. New Zealand has made a profound impact on me in more ways than one. It will always hold a special place as a remembrance of a time of change…..every time I see a Monarch butterfly, I will think of NZ. Look forward to the journey, and then to be blessed with coming back again to enjoy all the riches that this great land possesses and connect with all the amazing people that have touched us along the way.

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