We’ve got grass!!!

I know you wanna touch it….but don’t step on it.  James has worked so hard on getting our own little private “Eden” going that he takes things very seriously.  SO, don’t step on the grass..just yet!

I love our Charlie Brown style garden with it’s little tufts of grass pushing through the earth, reaching towards the light and trying to find their place in the world.  I’ve been taking lots of “before” shots as I KNOW the “after” shots are going to blow them out of the water!

Grassy area where kids will have their playthings (swings, trampoline etc)…..BEFORE

I am so impressed with my husband and his newfound passion in the garden.  Olivia has caught the green thumbed bug as well and is drawn to the earth like a moth to a flame.  James and I have never seen her so enthusiastic about anything as much as she has been this weekend with her planting!  She even had to have 2 hours in the sick room at school as she had a headache and was fatigued from the amount of work she did in the yard this weekend (can I add that this was completely of her own free will!).  She was pushing wheelbarrows full of soil, planting, transplanting and watering.















We started off the weekend at Rogers Plant Centre where the kids were in heaven, weaving in and out of the maze of plants.  I really wish we had more time there as he had such an amazing selection of plants but I spent most of my time keeping up with the little people in our family!!

Ruby on the run again….

She ran off a few times, dodging and weaving through the green abyss until I caught up with her and spotted her orange shirt through the mini forest of trees.  Thank God for contrasting colors….haha!

Olivia caught the green bug about here…






























While Ruby was multitasking by counting and rearranging a row of cacti (I want to say cactusssususs’ but that would be bad England….)















Lily was just too quick to catch on film.  She was sniffing flowers and running like the wind not stopping for anyone or anything.  If I had caught her for a snap that day, it would have looked something like this.

So we grabbed some native plants, a few random flowers, and a couple of cranberry bushes.  We didn’t have a lot of space in our car and with kids running everywhere it was a bit of a comedic adventure but in the end we got started and that’s what matters!















James spent his afternoon planting those plants along with his little helper Olivia and it definitely has brightened things up in the backyard.

The following day we went up to the Orewa Farmers Market to get some organic seedlings.  We found them to be incredibly helpful even down to telling us which plants would grow best together  and how many we could fit in each veggie box.  Last week we ordered a bunch of Kiwi Collars which are basically instant wooden veggie boxes that you unfold and can plant raised gardens in straight away.  I love them as they are really versatile and can be moved around the garden from year to year.

So within a weekend we were able to create our own little veggie patch and I’m really looking forward to heading outside and picking what we are going to have for dinner!  The girls are really loving the whole earth experience so we’ve created 3 little boxes just for them to plant whatever they want in them.

The most precious sight to watch is the delight in Ruby’s and Lily’s eyes when they grab a watering can and start pouring!!

The more we do for ourselves in our quest to become more self sufficient,  it seems the more the children are really soaking it all up and blooming.  They are little seedlings that with the right amount of nurturing and guidance will hopefully grow up to experience all that life has to offer.  And BLOOM you will my lovely girls!

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Little Seedlings

  1. Laura Reply //

    Ah, I love it! Beautiful girls, beautiful garden – of course Ruby’s face in their just has me smitten.
    Love the garden boxes! I dream of such things! Thank you for your encouragement. xoxo

  2. Deb Reply //

    Brilliant pics! The garden collars look great. We grow lettuces and radishes from seed which is so much fun. We grow other veges from seed, too, but the lettuces and radishes grow so quickly that it’s great fun for kids.

  3. Madeleine Reply //

    Hello, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I think you’re right we are on the same path. I love the photos of your wonderful family. I remember when you had your professional photos done (saw them on facebook – small world isn’t it!). All the best.

    • Nektar Reply //

      My pleasure!! I was just looking through it and quite keen on the rubbish free site. Very good stuff! I like the toothbrush idea and already found sandwich wraps on another site which I am also keen to order. Are you a friend of Nykie’s? Just trying to work out how you saw the pics!! Too funny!!

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