More than a year has passed since I started this blog and it puts a smile on my face when I look back and see the transformation my life has taken, even if it has been in a real zig zag, not sure what I’m doing kind of way!!

I started this blog as a means to a simpler way of  life and wanting to document that in order that my girls might be able to look back with nostalgia and follow my creative journey.

My quest for the road less travelled and a simpler, more meaningful journey is still exactly that…..only the definition of what that entails has changed along it’s course.  What started as a quest to be self-sufficient, and then on to dabbling in various creative home projects (on a very small scale), took on an entity of it’s own as I always seem to document these experiences and stepping stones from a philosophical point of view.

It’s what I do best!

And as I wrote and snapped photo’s from week to week, my perspective began to shift.  I began to focus on what really mattered, and by doing so, I started to become less interested in trying to uphold a vision of what I thought readers might be interested in and focus more on the fact that this was a real therapeutic tool for me.

To revel in my own thoughts, and to create visions through the tapestry of photography and journalling…..that is where I really shine!!

Yes, it’s true, I do make a damn good chocolate cake (if I do say so myself!), and yes I do enjoy trying out new craft projects and learning new skills (such as sewing….which by the way, I still have not learned to do yet!).  BUT… main passion, and what comes EASY to me is the power of images mingling with words to create inspiration.

And because of this I struggled in December……because one part of me was beating myself up saying “You need to be blogging Christmas baking or something crafty!!”…but it just didn’t feel right….I felt uninspired, and perhaps I feel like I’ve closed that chapter for now.  I felt like all I wanted to do was write and take photo’s, and because that part of me was dueling, I ended up with a whole lot of nothing!

But like anything else, it was an essential part to my creative growth. If I learned anything  in the past few months, it’s been to really stand tall in my TRUTH by saying “no”, trying not to be critical with myself (why do we do this to ourselves, honestly??), and really shining for all that I really am.

In my own light……


No additives, preservatives, or hidden agenda’s.  It’s liberating to stand knowingly in a place that you’ve been fighting all along.  Like the wild river of daily life we get caught up in……if you find yourself fighting it….resisting the path you were meant to “flow”, you’ll find yourself drowning.

I’m tired of drowning!  I want to express myself without limitations, without fear of what others think, and with my own unique “stamp” on everything that I do.

I choose to flow……

(A bit of self portraiture never hurt anyone??).  I recently have become Facebook friends with a wonderful woman who shares a few of the same “loves” that I do.  She is a photographer (and an amazing one at that!!), and a mother to a boy who has that something “extra special” on his 21st chromosome (like my Ruby!!).  We share a similar vision in photography in that when I was looking for a “mentor” in a field I feel is really untapped at present (healing photography), I was so thrilled to see that someone else has already started paving the way down that road.  If you get a chance, check out Catherine Just-Seiner’s amazing site, it’s a really beautiful piece of art!

And speaking of photography, I am nearly finished my site which is really exciting!! I have a few projects on the go….one of them being my photography with it’s unique packages, along with a new venture into holding creative retreats for women, a joint venture involving “vision”, and and inspirational ebook titled “Hungry”.

I look forward to sharing all of these exciting projects with you through this blog, and You Tube video’s.

2012 is the year of the Dragon…..a year for dramatic change, and year that we can all manifest the life of our DREAMS!!

Thank you for all your support in this journey, and I hope that you will still be inspired by the new path that this blog will take!

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Standing in My Own Light

  1. Tash Reply //

    I didn’t realise 2012 was the year of the dragon! That’s my year, wonder what will unfold… Such a journey in the past year Steph, may this next year continue to reveal more to us so that we can continue to shine!! 🙂 xxx

  2. Nektar Reply //

    So many exciting things to look forward to Tash!! That’s especially good news for you then!! Keep shining lovely girl!! You’re a freaking beacon of light girlfriend!!! xx

    • Nektar Reply //

      Thanks Tony!! It was a bit of experimentation, just put the camera in front of my face and go for it…..I love them too as they really depict who I am . Thanks for visiting my blog!!! 🙂

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