I had a thought that struck me like lightening as I was running through the hills near my home (well walk/running if the truth be told!!) today.

This past week I officially launched my labor of love Nektar as a lifestyle brand starting with photography with the hopes of branching off into other exciting territories…..exciting times!!

And as I pass through each and every day, I am reminded of the simplest and most humble things around me that I want to preserve in my memory bank.

Little things like eyelashes…..

or rolling on the floor with laughter…

how lucky we are to have great people to help with our children who genuinely care about our kids…..

golden locks of sun kissed hair…

topped off with the sun peeking through the tall grass in the sand dunes as it says goodnight!!

As my feet hit the tarmac, I thought to myself how beauty is often related to time and how something that seems so simple, or even mundane right in this moment, can actually transcend time and become more and more appealing as we shift into the future.

And the symphony of words that played out in my head (as I had forgotten my iPod!) went something like this….

“Take time for the mundane.  Stop. Breathe it in.  Capture it in all it’s essence. For something that seems trivial now, will appear lovely tomorrow, handsome next week, and breathtakingly beautiful in a year from now.”

End quote……thank you universal download!

Preserving those little miracles that happen each and every day (that we often take for granted or sometimes don’t even notice) are important to me, and so a big part of what I do at Nektar is compiling those little details and telling your story. I love putting together a lovely photo book that you can look at for years to come and am really excited with the products I am able to offer.

Take a peek at what I’ve created, and I think you’ll agree that the value of these little stories are absolutely priceless. And the possibilities of what you can do? Or what part of the story you want to tell??

Well…..there are no boundaries….the possibilities are INFINITE my friend!

Enjoy this photo book that was created as part of the “Find Your Nektar” photo shoots.


As a special launch for this product and my site, I am offering a deal where you’ll get a customized ebook as part of the package, which is great value considering the time and effort that goes into making these books!!

Book early to avoid disappointment!  Come and “like” my Facebook page if you haven’t already, there’ll be lots of goodies to come including You Tube tutorials of how to take more meaningful photo’s of your children, and many  more exciting things to come!!

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