Ok, so this week has been a bit of a write off and a challenge to boot.

One case of chicken pox….check.

One broken fridge…check.

(I really should have taken the photo before I cleaned it out for the full effect and trust me, it was dirty!! Probably why it broke so it forced me to finally give it a thorough clean! Ugh!)

The feeling of utter chaos and not being able to keep up with anything….check.

What do you get when you combine sick kids (coupled with the fact that you are pretty much housebound!), breakdowns in the things you most rely on every day (did I also mention our car’s tires were basically bald when James took it in for service? Feel a bit freaked that any minute the tires could have exploded and it’s not an old car!!), and a change in the weather from that of sunny, warm, and tropical (think windows and doors wide open most of the day with sunlight streaming through), to the wintery NZ weather of rain, darkness, rain, cloudy…..did I mention rain??

First it’s all sunshine and rainbows and you feel like you’ve got it all under control as you find things to keep little ones occupied.

A bit of cat and mouse…..

Followed by Lily and her newfound jumping antics choreographed with some ribbon dancing led by big sister (who of course has the chicken pox and will remain anonymous for this post with due respect!).

Then of course there is sticker fun which you know is going to end up in tears at some point!

Oh, the things that big sisters do to little sisters!!  I guess Liv wanted Lily to get a taste of what it feels like to be “spotty”!

It was one of those weeks where things don’t go to plan, and perhaps I didn’t take those changes in my stride as well as I could have.  I had just gotten used to my lovely walks with the girls to school in the mornings and was missing them as we were now housebound.  Then of course things started breaking down and while it’s not really a huge deal on the grand scheme of life, I just didn’t seem to have the mental energy to cope very well with these changes in our house this week.  I DON’T DO cabin fever very well AT ALL!

I really felt it, let me tell you! Today the Motherboard exploded.  I lost it….shouting and criticizing, harboring resentment, and played the Martyr role worthy of Academy Award proportions!  I felt bad, and although I know it was wrong I also felt happy to know that I can admit this freely and that it does not define who I am.  I am human, I make mistakes, and I will continue to do so in the years to come.  I felt boxed in and out of control and this is how I reacted.  But it feels good to admit it and move on.

I have great ideas and topics that are very inspiring, positive, and moving but I just wasn’t in the groove to weave words into a web of magic that would hopefully blow you away.  Instead, I’m afraid all I have is a circuit board that’s in need of a recharge. My operating system is down and in need of a revamp.  I have neglected recharging my batteries for a while now and it’s come to a point where it’s something that’s begging for my attention.  I had a chat with my sister tonight and she made a valid point.  What is one of the most valid lessons I can teach my daughters?

When things get hectic….STOP……..BREATHE……and take the time for you.  Because if you are out of sync….everyone around you will feel it too.

I have been slowly finding other things that fuel me and allow me to decompress. I am loving the process of recycling things already found in my home to create new and exciting things that I am proud to display or give as gifts!  Recently I purchased a great deal on some canvasses to have printed on one of the many websites offering daily deals.  There was a great deal for 12×18 inch canvasses for $33 each (they normally retail around $80 each!) so I bought a few and am really impressed with the print quality!  I wanted close up shots that really caught the girls “in the moment” to showcase who they really are and I’m really happy with the choice I made.

I have recently become addicted to a website called Pinterest which is basically a virtual pinboard which you can categorize into all the areas that inspire you.  It’s a great tool for bloggers but I can see anyone who loves a bit of eye candy loving it straight away! You need to have an invite to get started (I waited a week before I could use it!) so if you would like to join just flick me a message with your email and I’ll send you an invite!

While I was browsing ideas for the home, I noticed a friend had pinned an idea of 3 canvasses together with an initial.  I had already hung my canvasses of the girls but really loved the idea of the initial.  I bought a black canvas for $6 and originally thought I’d use buttons to glue on in the shape of an H but the more I thought about it, I was sure I must have something at home that I could recycle for my initial instead.  I happened to notice some pearls in the craft shop and immediately remembered that I had a long strand of really cheap costume strand pearls and voila….my idea took shape!!

Not only was this incredibly economical to put together, it took me all of about 1/2 hour to complete with a bit of craft glue.  I am not one for fine details so I didn’t measure the beads out or the outlines of the letter.  I just laid the pearls on the canvas and made a rough shape of an “h” and then proceeded to make the same outline with glue in sections while I stuck the pearls on.  Look, it’s certainly not a work of perfection but I’m really pleased with the impact it created.

So, a little bit of creative outlet and I am feeling better, and it feels good to vent, so thank you for listening!  Hopefully I get a bit better at managing when things don’t quite go my way.  I’d love to hear what you do to decompress or how  you deal with things when you feel you’re about to explode? Post a comment and share the wealth!!

Here’s to sunshine and rainbows again……..Happy Days!

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The Motherboard has Exploded

  1. joy swatsworth. Reply //

    Love this! This has been a very challenging month in my home…I just keep humming a line from one of my favorite songs “in the middle of my little mess I forget how big I’m blessed” but I would have to say chicken pox might push me over the edge!!!

    I adore the canvas line-on your wall and I have been getting those deals as well!! If you go to Shutterfly and do one sometime you will luck out and get a deal that if you post your project to your blog you get a $25 credit…I have gotten it twice so far!! When we moved to the farm I did not hang one painting (that was 4 years ago…oh my) but everytime I take a photo that I adore I put it on a canvas and hang it….it rocks! I love the letter that you did!!! I took a picture of a piece of an old wrought iron gate that is here on the farm and the swirl looks like and S for Swatsworth and I am going to put it my next photo book. I think it is incredible that with the technology today we can leave little pieces of our talents for our kids and their kids to see!!

    I am going to send you my email to join Pinterest….lovely idea!

    • Nektar Reply //

      Thanks for the tip Joy! I use Shutterfly for books so will definitely use your idea to get a credit! Also love the sound of the wrought iron gate, I’ll bet that will look fab! Make sure you post it to facebook when you do. What is your blog btw? I searched on your facebook page but didn’t see it….would love to read it! Just sent your pinterest invite, you will be sooo addicted! Great way to organize visuals. Have fun!
      @ Caitlin, I wish I was better at walking away and breathing. I tell myself this all the time and although I am much better at it, there is still much improvement to be done!! Thanks for your lovely comments!

  2. Caitlin Grace Reply //

    I love your post they are a delight to read! I know all about needing to decompress when things get hairy at home. Kids home with any illness is always a stretch as your whole routine flies out the window.
    I have to admit to being a ranter…… and once its all out I feel much better! THese days I am learning to just walk away and breathe rather thatn let fly with a stream of consciousness that I will probably regret later.

  3. Pauline Reply //

    I was a yeller too! ( I don’t think that you are though….one yell doesn’t make a yeller!)Not that it always made me feel better as I would feel bad for yelling but we all get steamed up and need to let it out.
    I love the ad on TV at the moment with Neil Waka and the inequal goal posts. Have you seen it? and I think for me it was nearly always about how hard I made the standards for myself. On days of disarray I think it helps to lower the goal posts and think ‘next year will today be remembered and matter to me?’ and let it all sllliiiiiide. Honestly what you showed in the sink was nothing, just normal surely? All about perspective and the feeling of being swamped. I think it is obvious you are just the greatest Mum but hey you don’t have to be perfect ALL the time! Love to you. xx

  4. Nektar Reply //

    Thanks Pauline! I like the idea of lowering the goal posts. Definitely advice to take on board. You’re right about my photo, it isn’t that bad at all but photo’s cannot convey emotions all the time and it just seemed I couldn’t keep up with anything as my fridge was being transported out the door and there was a pile of food in cool boxes in my garage while I realized that our other fridge (we are very lucky to have an old fridge out there, saved us a heap of money with not having to throw out the meat in the freezer!) was filthy as we only really use it for drinks…then there was the chicken pox, no car, and a child needing picking up from school. All normal parts of life and not really a huge deal but seeing I was feeling boxed in it was enough to send me around the bend!! Oh yes, I am a yeller indeed! Got that lovely trait from my mother but she had 6 kids and probably more of a license to yell with that many in the house! Am trying to calm down….one day hopefully!! haha! Thanks for your comments!

  5. Kim Reply //

    Hi Steph.
    Was so pleased to see a blog waiting for me this morning, it always lifts my spirts. Yes I can be like a broken record & a fire cracker when I GO OFF! For the love of god I am human & can only take soooo much. I have just finished reading “hope” by John Kirwin (ex All Black). He talks about how important it is to do something everyday JUST FOR YOU. Can just be half an hour reading or just sitting & enjoying you coffee. So today I am going to do something just for me that I haven’t done in years ……. swimming. I have just brought some togs (good loard that was hard work to look in the mirror & say “hay this is the body you have, LOVE IT). So I am heading off to jump into the deep end & see if I sink or swim! Xxxxx

    • Nektar Reply //

      I like that idea Kim…..something every day. It’s got to be achievable right? I actually have been given some realignment exercises to do from my sister who has just opened a healing clinic in spinal realignment therapy. Very cutting edge stuff in one way, yet the exercises are so simple and require you to lay still in certain positions which is probably why I haven’t done it yet but hey, if you can decide to go for a swim then there’s no reason I can’t start doing these exercises right (taking me a long time to break out of that mentality of if you’re not sweating it’s not working..lol!). I love that you’ve gone for a swim, and the fact that you are embracing who you are!! Go chick! I am sure there are many women who would love to look half as good as you…we are always so critical of ourselves!! Enjoy the pool!! 🙂

  6. Deb Reply //

    I know the feeling! I’m so glad you posted how you’ve dealt with things. Sometime we think we’re the only ones!
    I also got the canvas deal! Now to get some photos printed…

  7. Stephanie Reply //

    Love this blog Steph! It is a great reminder that we all need to slow down at time!

    • Nektar Reply //

      Thanks Steph, I feel really happy to know that you are on the other side of the world reading something that we both share no matter where we are!! Just wish you were nearer….ahhh…one day!!

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