“The Truth is rarely pure and never simple”-Oscar Wilde

I’ll give you some truth…

I got stung….by a bee from our backyard hive.  That bee was buzzing around our kitchen for the past few weeks.  I tried to let him outside as he seems to surface at night, keeps buzzing around my kitchen, and I’ve been joking to James that he’s lazy…….that he’s just trying to get out of working the hive.  We even named him the other night as a friend was over and started calling him Barry the Bee.  I shortened it to “Bazza”, purely because I liked the sound of it.

WELL! Bazza wasn’t a fan of mine, that is for sure.  I was talking to my good friend Adrienne all the way in sunny London when out of nowhere Bazza dove down my cleavage and stung me in the armpit.  It really was a sight for sore eyes.  I threw the phone down and was flailing around my kitchen, whipped my top off, then my bra as I thought he’d dove right in…and was running around my house with my boobs flapping in the wind.

He stung me and all the while my friend is still hanging on the phone…..googling information about bee stings…

“Uh Steph, you need to get the stinger out….oh, and then some baking soda and cider vinegar….”

Cue James (after a few social drinks out) with a pair of tweezers and some beer induced attempts at surgery which left the sting site a little worse for wear.

He got it out, and I can tell you that apple cider vinegar works a treat…..swelling went down straight away and all I was left with was a little red mark and poor Bazza lying dead on my kitchen bench.

“Was it really worth it Bazza???”…..

A week ago I sat down and wrote the story which set my heart free.  A story that was twisting and turning inside of me for years and aching to get out.  It was such a cathartic experience and a week later I feel lighter, and more comfortable about who I am than ever before.

Through my story I connected with new people going through a similar path and reconnected with old friends who were there from the start.  What amazed me were the messages I got from people saying that my story made them look within themselves……they simply “got it” and understood that this story was not about Down Syndrome, it was about TRUTH.

It was incredibly LIBERATING to throw my cards on the table and bare my soul to the world.

It felt like this….















To be free with the wind in my hair and the earth firmly planted under my feet.  Running against the tide, dancing to the beat of my own drum…..singing out my truth.

Aren’t we ALL running from something in a sense?? This past week got me thinking about how if we were all just our authentic selves then there is no need for pain.  By putting up fences, or holding in our fears we lose out on that experience of being one step closer to who we REALLY ARE.  We can be FREE…..

Show me one person who doesn’t have something to hide and I’ll ask you what’s wrong with them?  In our society we bottle up our TRUTH, lock it away and hide the key.  We are taught to put on a brave face and live a life that appears “blemish free”…

What amazes me most is how children are the exception to the rule.  Children are the essence of TRUTH and it is nearly impossible for them to be any other way.  Ask a kid a question, and you most certainly will get an answer.

We spent the weekend nosying around our local markets and it was refreshing to get out and see all the good that was happening in the community.















Most of the stalls were offering a portion of their sales as a donation for the Christchurch Earthquake Relief Fund and we just couldn’t resist a few of the great stalls on offer….






























Yummy fudge coated marshmallows…the girls were in heaven!!

And with Ruby now at school full time, I find myself adjusting to a new schedule and the job of keeping Lily occupied and happy now that her best friend has gone.

We reacquainted ourselves with good ol’ Ted…..

from trying on Ruby’s Converse, Lily’s baby sunglasses, and feeding him imaginary food,

we managed to swallow up all of half an hour….not bad but I think we are going to have to venture out into the big bad world and find some baby activities to keep this little sprite occupied!

I want you to do ONE thing…..grab yourself a pen or pull up to your computer and set yourself free.  Ask yourself to write ONE truth that is locked inside you.  Start small, think BIG.  What scares you the most?  What little secrets do you push to the back of your “mental closet” like a fashion disaster you wish you’d never bought??

Write it down and OWN IT.  You don’t have to share it…..you just have to acknowledge that it lives within you.  Then kiss it goodbye….

Now doesn’t that feel GOOD??

“Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within”-James Arthur Baldwin


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The Truth Will Set You Free

  1. Nektar Reply //

    Thanks Laura….wasn’t that sore actually…more of a panic when the bee went down my top and I was like “Ok, so it’s gonna sting me in the boob??”…lol!!

  2. Kim Reply //

    Oh Steph you light up my life. Is it getting older, having children or just having a few good life experience’s under our belts that is giving us this new found freedom. Maybe all of these, but also the people that come into our life. I am learning to distance myself from those who want to pull me down & never have anything postive to say. And am also finding old & new firends that have such a wonderful postive out look to life, and I find that’s where I fit. Your truth & honesty & your bees & family, and your postive out look on life is so refreshing Steph! I am so looking forward to meeting you one day. X

    • Nektar Reply //

      I think you’re right Kim, it’s the experiences that give you that comfortable in your own skin kind of feeling. I am sure we will meet one day and look forward to it! Your comments mean a lot, it’s good to know that there are like-minded people reading it!!

  3. thebigswell Reply //

    I love reading your blog Steph! I am moved by your authenticity and so thrilled to have found you! I look forward to speaking again soon. Minka

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