Life is a continuum of cycles.  What starts, must have a finish, and what finishes must start again.

We wake up, fill the day (or night depending on when you sleep!) with a few more rounds on the hamster wheel, most of the time not even bothering to realize that we’re just going through the motions, only to start all over again in the  next cycle.

It’s only when a spanner gets thrown into the works that the cycle disrupts, or when we find that the cycle no longer suits our purpose, that we feel the need for change.  We are creatures of habit and like to cocoon ourselves into our steadfast traditions and rituals.

There is comfort in the familiar, and it’s something that most of us like to cling to if given half a chance.

Take Christmas for instance.  We all have our own ideas of what it means to us, and how we choose to celebrate.

Yes, it’s true, there are decorations….

and pieces of nostalgia…

and tangled lights to boot..

And no matter how we package it, the theme always stays constant.  That of LOVE, PEACE, and CONNECTEDNESS…..

Though as I write that sentence, my mind easily shifts to another truth that many of us experience which is that of panic, disconnection, and exhaustion.  The holidays come but once a year, and depending on your reality, it can be a totally different experience to that of someone else.

In a time where we should be resting and reaching out to help those in need, we often find ourselves stretching to please those around us in the traditions we were brought up to believe are “loving, peaceful, and sharing”.  I must admit, I have been caught up in both worlds…that of experiencing a joyful, stress free holiday period, to that of being caught up the “what goes around comes around” web….kind of like a matrix of overspending, overindulging (well that one never seems to change!!), overextending, and over pleasing.

This year we have chosen to spend Christmas with some dear friends, and keeping true to my new tradition, we will have our Christmas feast on Christmas Eve, leaving Christmas day a cook-free day.  I so enjoyed my day last year with all the leftovers, and a day at the beach just soaking up the kids excitement (which I usually miss due to sweating it up in the kitchen!).

I have been a bit slow on the blog posts lately with all the change in the air…..the energy all around us is shifting and it’s a time to re-charge and look after the home front.  We are entering into an exciting year with so much to look forward to so it’s best we really soak up the last of 2011 while we can!!

I had so many plans in November to share the many Christmas activities and crafts that I planned to do with the kids.  I ended up compromising and instead of putting so much effort into doing things at home (which sometimes can get quite hectic!), I opted to help out with Liv’s school trips for a few days to connect with her and the natural beauty we are blessed with here in New Zealand…..

along with a day with Ruby’s class making gingerbread men (it actually went a lot smoother than I thought it would!)….

Sometimes it’s good to disrupt the cycle in a good way….and to know that things don’t have to be done exactly as you always thought they should be.  What’s important is staying true to what resonates with you, and by doing that you eliminate all the pressure and expectations that would normally be there.

We did get up to making a few little Christmas things, and one of them was and up cycled wreath that I made out of the girls old tights (you know….holes in the toes…..the holy ones!!).  It was really simple, cost me less than $3, and I must admit I get all fuzzy and warm inside when I look at it as I can almost see Ruby and Lily’s little legs running around in them….something I’ll think about every time I take this wreath out!

If you have any old socks kicking around with holes in them they will work great as well…..

To make the wreath you need the following…..

A polystyrene wreath (got mine from Ike’s emporium, and also saw some in Spotlight), some old socks or tights, scissors, and some nice ribbon.

Very basic instructions…..just cut a slit in the wreath all the way through at any given point….

then cut the stockings/socks into loops and thread them all the way around the wreath from where you cut the slit.

Find some lovely ribbon and finish it off!  Lovely little Christmas joy!! Upcycled, cheerful, and quick to make!!

And whilst making this….2 little bandits I did see!!!  Cheeky monkey’s!!

Wishing you the most PEACEFUL, JOYFUL AND TRUTHFUL holiday season! Revel in the light that you are…..count your blessings and enjoy the beauty of connectedness……

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What Goes Around Comes Around

  1. joy swatsworth. Reply //

    Oh so lovely as are amazing…words are inspiring…good way to start my day. I absolutely love the idea of Christmas Eve dinner…I think I may just be doing it this year. The wreath is so cool and lord knows that we have tons of tights either too small or no toes left in them. Merry Christmas my faraway friend….♥

  2. Steph Hamilton Reply //

    Ahhh, feels like a while since we have spoken Joy!! Well Joy (literally!!) to you my friend this holiday season!! Yes, please do make the wreath and I’d love to see the finished product when you’re done! Christmas Eve dinner is the best… can slave away on Christmas eve day, enjoy a feast that night (my kids also get to open up one present) and then you have all day on the 25th to just soak it all up (and still get to enjoy the feast….leftovers are always better, right??)……it is the only way for me from here on in… it!

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