Broken-3 Ways to Come Undone

We are broken. Yup, that’s what I said, “We. Are. Broken.” Every single morsel of our existence is the reflection of the tarnished or polished existence we see in others. We live in a world of hyper stimulation, unconscious craving, and lustful wonder. We’ve crafted illusions of cupcake perfection, and illicit narcissism, in the bid… Read more »

When You’re Gone-The Power of NOW

Kids grow FAST. I really MEAN it. Kids grow FAST, then they grow up, and then whoosh, they’re GONE! We’ve nearly made it through another Dubai summer (it’s really not THAT bad…shhhh, don’t tell anyone!), and although we’ve actually had a beautiful summer, there is an air of irritability coupled with all the usual options… Read more »

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Sometimes it’s good to have a little shakeup. To do things a little differently, and write from a different perspective.  I was recently invited to join a fabulous group of bloggers and webpreneurs in the Sprout Mastermind Group which brings together a bunch of amazing women in a group where we can bounce ideas off each… Read more »